“In psychology, a first impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person within 100ms.”

First Impressions are a basic human instinct deeply engrained into our cognitive processes. Even though often unnoticed, this process is still an important aspect of modern day interaction. Although first impressions are generally individualistic, science has found patterns in facial geometry which are universally relevant across ethnicities, genders and ages. We apply these scientific principles in modern applications, using 2 AI technologies.


Utilizing machine learning to quantify how a person is perceived by others


Deploying computer simulation to change how a person is perceived

By providing an objective and scientifically grounded approach to measuring and simulating appearance based on first impressions, aemos addresses the problem of unreliable and biased assessments of facial appearance. The patented technology offers a standardized and data-driven method that goes beyond individual perspectives, enabling practitioners, researchers, and patients to make more informed and reliable judgments. It fosters greater accuracy, fairness, and consistency in evaluating the impact of treatments on facial features & the effect on appearance & first impressions,

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