Medical Studies

aemos AI for Medical Studies

Unique insights into Appearance

AI Algorithms that can quantify the effect of products and treatments on appearace

Aesthetic medical studies, artificial intelligence

Compare Injection Techniques​

Trained on tens of thousands of medically standardised images, our algorithms can determine the impact of different injection techniques on the appearance of patients.

Investigate Products With Ai​

Within medical studies for your aesthetic products, such as dermal fillers or toxins, validate the improvements on appearance, with a data-based approach using the aemos AI

Gain New Insights

Beyond beauty means embracing the social impact of treatments on patient’s lives. Discover the social relevance of products and treatments that go beyond beauty, towards treatments that leave a positive impact


Long-Term Benefits for Industry Players

Differentiation and a Unique Story to set you apart from the rest

Unique Industry Positioning

Stand out from the rest with unique insights and a story that differentiates.


The industry and it's stakeholders are move towards natural treatments that impact patients lives "beyond beauty".

Technological Innovation

Use state-of-the-art algorithms to complement your study design.

How it works

aemos has developed AI that can objectively quantify appearance according to several characteristics, such as trustworthy, happy, competent and more. We use this patented technology to investigate differences in products, treatments & injection techniques. 

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